Google Lighthouse 8.3.0 Update

Update for Google Lighthouse 8.3.0

PageSpeed Insights has been affected by the update, and the SEO description now prioritizes CWV over SEO and introduces Project Fraggle Rock.

Lighthouse, the technology behind Chrome Dev Tools and PageSpeed Insights audits, has been updated to version 8.3.0. Bug fixes and incremental improvements are included in the latest version, but it also takes the first step toward tracking what happens after a web page loads. Project Fraggle Rock is the name of this new direction.

Lighthouse has been updated and is now available on PageSpeed Insights. On September 21, 2021, it will be available in Chrome Dev Tools in Chrome 94.

Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse is a Google-developed open source application that analyzes web pages for performance bottlenecks, accessibility concerns, and SEO opportunities.

Because Lighthouse is open source, the underlying code that enables it may be found in a variety of third-party programs, some of which improve its capabilities and provide more useful data visualizations.

As a result, any modifications to Lighthouse will unavoidably find their way into third-party products.

Lighthouse is part of the Chrome Dev Tools suite, which comes standard with every Chrome-based browser.

Chrome 94, which will be launched on September 21, 2021, will include Lighthouse 8.3.0.

PageSpeed Insights Updates to Lighthouse 8.3.0

Google also produces PageSpeed Insights, a web page performance measuring tool. PageSpeed Insights is powered by Google Lighthouse.

PageSpeed Insights differs from the Lighthouse tool in that it just displays web page performance metrics and is solely focused on that statistic.

PageSpeed Insights does not display the remaining of the data presented by Lighthouse, such as accessibility and SEO.

Lighthouse Fraggle Rock Project

Lighthouse 8.3.0 makes a modest step toward going beyond evaluating a single web page to analyzing user flows as well.

Lighthouse’s future lies on studying flows from when a user does an action, such as pressing a button, to what happens next.
The time it takes for a web page to become interactive is one of the current Lighthouse metrics.

The new direction of running on flows will track what happens after the page loaded.

This project is dubbed Fraggle Rock after the 1980s children’s show of the same name, which included a lighthouse known as the Fraggle Rock Lighthouse.

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