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Our WordPress rebuild and cleanup service offers a complete solution to make sure your website’s foundation, appearance, and functionality are all correct while also ensuring optimal performance, improved security, responsiveness, and optimal operating.

We can use Elementor’s sophisticated capabilities to improve your current website. This will enable you to effortlessly manage and customize your website with the smooth drag-and-drop capabilities. Don’t like Elementor? We have other options to choose from. 

Our WordPress Rebuild Services provide a quick fix for site enhancements, whether your goal is to increase the functionality or performance of your website.

Over 437 companies have trusted Green Wire Media for WordPress services since 2008. 
800+ websites built.

Why Choose WordPress Rebuild Service?

Choosing website rebuild services over regular website redesign services has clear benefits when it comes to improving your website. This strategy focuses on enhancing your website’s operation by taking care of a number of issues to guarantee a more reliable and user-friendly online experience.

Replacing Outdated Technology

The functionality and responsiveness of your website may be hampered by outdated technologies. We guarantee that your website is driven by the newest technologies with our website rebuilding services. This update ensures compatibility with current web standards while also improving speed.

New Features and Functionalities

By adding new features and functionalities, you can draw in new visitors and keep your current audience interested. Rebuild services for websites make it possible to incorporate cutting-edge components with ease, keeping your website ahead of the curve in terms of user experience and market trends.

Accessibility Improvements

Our WordPress rebuild services prioritize accessibility enhancements to increase your website’s usability for users with a range of demands. This dedication not only complies with moral principles but also increases the size of your possible audience.

Security Enhancements

Cyber threats are always changing, and an old website may be open to intrusions. Our rebuild services put an emphasis on security upgrades, putting the newest technologies and policies in place to protect your website and user information.

Site Optimization

Rebuilding a WordPress website includes thorough optimization of the website as well as reducing the amount of code, graphics, and other content to improve loading times. A quicker website can enhance user experience and boost search engine rankings for your website.

Database Optimization

Effective data storage and retrieval require a well-optimized database. Database optimization is a component of our rebuild services, which guarantees your website runs smoothly with quicker data access and less server load, improving the responsiveness and overall performance of your website.

Under the hood

What’s Included In Green Wire Media's WordPress Rebuild Service?

Utilize our all-inclusive WordPress rebuild services to transform your website. We go above and above by providing a selection of features that are intended to improve user experience and elevate your website.


Dedicated Project Manager

Experience family-like support with our dedicated project manager. They work hand-in-hand with a team of expert UI designers and WordPress developers, ensuring your project is crafted to perfection, reflecting your unique vision and needs.

Page Builder

Drag-and-drop Page Builder

With the simple drag-and-drop page builder offered by Elementor, bid complexity a fond farewell and welcome to convenience. With an intuitive interface, you can easily create and alter the appearance of your website without the need for coding knowledge. With the help of this powerful tool, you can take command of your design and content, making upgrades and modifications simple. Reject the drag-and-drop page builder features? We can customize another tech stack to meet your requirements.

WordPress Development

We offer professional WordPress development as part of our WordPress rebuild services. This guarantees that the basis of your website is strong. We also improve functionality, performance, and responsiveness by utilizing best practices and the newest technologies.


Our rebuild services include building and optimizing subpages in addition to the main pages. We create subpages that enrich and complement your main website layout, whether it’s for product showcases, information sharing, or portfolio development.

Custom Web Design Features

We have considered every possibility to create a flawless, feature-rich custom WordPress website design process throughout the years.


All the information you require regarding our WordPress Rebuild services. Not finding the response you’re searching for? Please have a conversation with our staff.

How much time does it usually take to rebuild a WordPress website?

The length of time varies according to how complicated the job is. Simple rebuilds could take a few weeks, but more complex ones could take several months. The timeline is affected by things like how big the website is and how much work needs to be done on it.

Even though they both entail improving a website, a rebuild entails a more thorough makeover that frequently includes adjustments to the site’s technology and structure. It addresses practicality and features in addition to looks.

The size of your website, the features you want, and the degree of modification needed all affect the price. A personalized price is given following an initial meeting in which your unique demands are evaluated.

For a WordPress rebuild, our starting fee is 399 euros (paid once). Subpages are 899€ (up to ten), 1233€ (up to twenty), and 1899€ (up to thirty) in price.

WordPress rebuilds can bring new features, increase security, and improve website performance. It lets you upgrade antiquated technology, speed up your website, and make sure it follows the latest trends in functionality and appearance.

A website rebuild makes it possible to include a variety of updates, such as new functionality, security upgrades, and design refinements. Rebuilds frequently involve content reorganization, database optimization, and accessibility enhancements. The extent of the adjustments is determined by your needs and ambitions.

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