WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Finally, a team you can count on to reach loading times of less than 2 seconds

With our WordPress speed optimization service, we will take your site from frustratingly slow to below 2 second load times (and much faster on high-quality hosting).

Your sluggish WordPress site damages your Google rankings and you lose clients as we speak.

Optimization Process

Your website performance improved in 3 steps.

1. Website audit

Our team will review the website and advise what’s possible.

2. Optimization

Based on discussion with you, we implement the changes. 

3. Launch

Enjoy an improved user experience with a faster website.

Why us? Because no one else does what we do!

Like our rivalry, we don’t load a few plugins and call it a day. We are also not lying to you and selling you on fictitious ‘Load Times‘ which has absolutely nothing to do with what the real users on your site are actually experiencing.

In addition, we don’t sell you ratings on general best practices recommendations resources that don’t align with the real-world success. Rope you into services you don’t need, or trick you into a sales funnel designed to bamboozle you into paying you ten times more than you thought you ‘d.

Instead, through a meticulous process of testing various different performance configurations, we are making your WordPress-powered website as quick as it would be for actual, human users of your site.

The end result of our research is a custom-made, real-world, outcome-oriented system that is scalable, self-maintaining, self-evolving and as automated as possible so you can move forward with your business.

Once your full WordPress Speed Optimization project is complete, your website will be practically impossible to run any faster.

About WordPress Speed Optimization Service

We will optimize WordPress and your theme to boost the quality of your site, user experience and performance.

Optimize the Database

Running a lean, mean database can result in faster response times. Databases can get overloaded with unnecessary content over time. We are able to delete all outdated comments, garbage, old revisions and all other redundant stuff.

Slow and old Plugins

Some plugins can boost the efficiency of your website but at the same time they can also put a strain on your resources and slow your website down. If you have a plugin that is slowing your website, we’ll spot it and recommend an alternative. Also we will do a complete website update in the event of an outdated plugins.


We will have the best caching plugin in its class installed and configured. The plugin can manage caching, HTML-CSS & JS minification of your website and lazy loading of your photos making the loading of your WordPress website considerably faster.

Image Optimization

We all know photos are heavy byte and can be a huge drag to the speed of your website. We will compress your images using an image compression plugin which will improve your load time. Important images will be optimized manually to make sure we have best quality. It’s also important to use newest image formats like .webp

Bad Requests

We need to remove or fix content that has been relocated or no longer exists on your website. Otherwise, visitors who open pages with broken links will be delayed as the services return a 404 error. Google penalizes pages that have broken links so repairing them can boost your SEO.

Request minimizing

A lot of requests can be the biggest fault why your website is loading slowly. Minimizing those requests and only asking them to load when they are needed helps to improve the speed a lot. In most cases, we can double down the amount on requests.

Before we get started we need more details about the exact issue you ‘re having and also need to get some logins from you.

When we have access to your website, we take a backup and then work through a thorough checklist to find the underlying cause of the slow website. There are typically one or two common reasons why the site runs too slow or great opportunities for optimization.

Approximately half of our customers have a very slow loading site and want it to be improved, the other half already have a quick website but want it to run as quickly as humanly possible while improving backend and getting rid of unnecessary things!

Typically we’ll need a WordPress logins and FTP or Cpanel access at the administrator level.

As part of our Speed Optimization Service for WordPress we may

Customer Results

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WordPress Speed Optimization Service
WordPress Speed Optimization Service
WordPress Speed Optimization Service
WordPress Speed Optimization Service
WordPress Speed Optimization Service
WordPress Speed Optimization Service
WordPress Speed Optimization Service
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WordPress Speed Optimization Service
WordPress Speed Optimization Service
WordPress Speed Optimization Service

How Long Does WordPress Speed Optimization Service take?

When we have all the information we need, it usually takes us 5-6 working days to work through the entire process. It might take some larger sites a little longer. It also depends how ‘deep’ client wants the optimization to happen. As we can optimize overall quality of the site and more in depth improvement only do to the main pages that generate traffic. 

Sites with a large number of images can also take a couple of days longer because it can take 24-48 hours to optimize the images.

Each case is unique and we always give an estimate before starting any work. 

How much quicker is my website going to be?

On good quality hosting the site load time should stay in the 1 to 3 second range (most sites we work on beginning with a load time of more than 10 seconds). 

In a perfect world, we want the site to be loaded in less than 1 second in the host country. That is the magic number the site load feels instantaneously. Not all sites can do this because third-party code can and mostly will slow down most pages ( Facebook pixels, Livechat and other marketing instruments).

What if during the optimization anything breaks?

Before we get to work we always do a full backup of your website. Significant changes and possible downtime threats will be discussed with you before they happen. In bigger websites with many visits we do offer that all optimization is done on staging site. This helps keep the site online 99.99%. 

We are doing enhancements that carry some risks, such as push support for HTTP/2. Those are optional and you can prefer not to have them done. In many cases it’s not even needed. Depends on your business module and plans. 

Why is site speed important?

Optimized for Google


We work with WP Fastest Cache, WP Rocket (+ $49), TinyPNG, Smush it, P3 Profiler and various other plug-ins. Depends really how you specific site has been built. After we audit the website, we determine whether and what sort of plugins are required.

No. After auditing your site, we will determine what would be the best cost-effective way to achieve a long-term return. Before starting work, we let you know what the options are, and you have a final say.

Yes. You can send your requests to us. We can modify your website, customize it, develop custom plugins and, if necessary, build new websites.

If your website users come from all over the world, then we suggest that you use a CDN to boost the distribution of the assets on your platform. We use KeyCDN, or CloudFlare, at GreenWireMedia.com. Nonetheless, a CDN may not be appropriate for local businesses with audiences limited to one region. In this situation, it should be more than enough for a reputable hosting firm and a well-optimized website.

No. We can optimize the site as much as we can, and you can stay on the same hosting site. However, if the hosting is slow, we won’t be able to get the maximum performance.

With GTmetrix, Pingdom and Google PageSpeed Insights we measure the results. If you don’t see results scores enhanced-we’ll give you a full refund-no questions asked!

Sure, we will be pleased to assist you, we provide a WordPress migration service dedicated to you. Get in touch with us to find out more. 

Yes and no. We always provide an overall view of what has been done on the website. If you want a fully detailed list, including changes to the code, there will be an extra cost.

We need a password for the WordPress administrator and a FTP password (or information of your web hosting account, cPanel, Plesk, etc).

Yes! We recognize that speed is very important for e-commerce, and that it can directly affect the earnings of a website. However, please note that your website should be hosted on a good server. Entry level hosting plans are often not suitable for WooCommerce stores. The optimization of eCommerce sites is also taking longer. Particularly when a lot of plugins are used.

Yes. The number of websites doesn’t matter to us. If you bring more websites, we’ll even give you a discount on a larger order.

It depends, but most of the time you will. For about 30% of our customers, we move their hosting.

If you’re using Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator, A Small Orange, or any other EIG-owned company, you’ll most likely need to upgrade in order to get your site to load as quickly as possible. The only way for low-cost hosting firms to earn money on those $3/month hosting plans is to cram 10,000 other websites onto the same server and overwork it.

We’ve found that we can get sites running on these services to load in as little as 3-5 seconds, but the site will struggle to manage more than a few simultaneous users.

When it comes to hosting, you get what you pay for; it’s illogical to expect high-quality service when you pay more for a cup of coffee than you do for a month of hosting or a couple of clicks on your Adwords or Facebook advertisements.

Using a content delivery network like Cloudflare to pick up the slack from the hosting will assist a lot, and using their $5/month APO edge caching solution will take it to the next level. This is definitely the next best thing if you can’t switch hosting providers for whatever reason.


Almost half of the sites we work on are Woocommerce stores that are slow to load.

If you’re using Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator, A Small Orange, or any other EIG-owned hosting firm, you’ll most likely need to upgrade to receive consistent fast performance, particularly in the checkout, cart, and My Account sections, as well as features like the Add to Cart tool.

Each website is audited uniquely. There’s no one fits all plan. Any project can cost anywhere from $100 – $1000. It depends on the size of the website and the status it’s. On average it costs between $300 – $500. ( 5 – 12hour work ). 

If you’re ready to boost your website – get in touch with us. 

Can I optimize WordPress speed myself?


Choose High Performance WordPress Hosting

WordPress Speed Optimization Service​

PHP 7 or higher for Best Efficiency

Image Optimization Is a Must

Optimize your database

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