Frontity, a headless CMS, has been acquired by the WordPress parent company.

Frontity, a headless CMS, has been acquired by the WordPress parent company.

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Frontity, a headless CMS, was acquired by’s parent business. The acquisition is regarded as a major milestone for the WordPress community.

Automattic, the parent company of, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Akismet, and other WordPress products, has purchased Frontity, a headless WordPress platform. The acquisition will immediately help the open source WordPress CMS, according to the release, and will further the goal of achieving complete site editing with Gutenberg blocks.

Headless CMS

A headless content management system (CMS) is a method of publishing that utilizes a back end CMS such as WordPress for content generation and maintenance, and a React front end for the user interface (this is the front end, the head).
A headless CMS is one that separates the front end functionality from WordPress, allowing you to use WordPress solely for content management rather of the part of the site that people view (the head).

The content management system, in this case WordPress, is just used as a back end for content production and administration.

Using a headless CMS has advantages in terms of speed and SEO.

A headless CMS also makes it easier for publishers to distribute information across several platforms, such as social media and the Internet of Things.


Frontity is an open source framework that makes using WordPress as a headless CMS a breeze. Frontity makes it simple to integrate the headless site architecture to the WordPress environment, allowing publishers to benefit from the speed benefits without worrying about coding concerns.

Automattic invested in Frontity in 2020, and the two companies established a tight working connection at that time, with Automattic financing Frontity’s work on the WordPress core.

The Frontity team will now focus on the WordPress core and Gutenberg as a result of this acquisition.

This does not imply that the React framework will be included into the WordPress core.

Frontity will be a free and open source project in the future.

What Makes Frontity and Automattic So Exciting?

What’s most intriguing about this statement is that the JavaScript technical resources previously dedicated to Frontity will now be devoted to the WordPress core, specifically to assisting with the completion of the Full Site Editing Experience via Gutenberg blocks.

Gutenberg is a WordPress project aimed at modernizing website construction, with the goal of making it simple for anyone to do it.

Gutenberg is a visual editor for constructing websites that replaces the coding-centric traditional WordPress interface with an easy-to-use visual editor that uses the visual concept of blocks.

WordPress gets a big win.

The response in the Advanced WordPress Facebook group has been overwhelmingly positive.

This is tremendous news for the WordPress publishing community as a whole. More top engineering talent will be allocated to developing the WordPress core CMS and assisting in the development of the Gutenberg content editor.

Frontity’s public announcement can be found here:


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